A couple of times in the last month, we've been very excited to get a cool twilight/dusk shot. Mostly these are scheduled ahead of time, and then when we arrive - we discover burned out coach lights on the garage, lights that only work on sensors, or sometimes - a parked car in a driveway that cannot be moved.

A short prep list for these ultra important moments - we only have about 10-15 working minutes when the sun goes down!!

1. Make sure all lights are on in the house before we start shooting. Ceiling fans must be off.

2. Open all blinds/drapes

3. No cars can be parked in the driveway. It's best to have the seller or agent park in front of the home until the moment we start shooting to "save" the space.

4. Make sure all exterior lighting is ON and functional! If lights are on sensors, tape can be placed over the light sensor to make the light turn on. Sometimes this is difficult if the light is out of reach, so pre-planning is important.