Getting a Home Ready for Professional Photos

Emphasis of a photography shoot for an occupied home is primarily to show the layout and general condition of the home for sale/rent. Helping prepare the home prior to the arrival of the photographer will ensure a the best presentation of your home to potential buyers. Showing the home, and not it's owner's belongings is the ultimate goal in professional photos. To view galleries of homes previously photographed to get some ideas of how this should look, please click here.

Getting good photos of an occupied home can reduce the number of times interested buyers/investors need to tour in-person. Your assistance can actually keep tours and showings to a minimum, while creating maximum interest in the property. We thank you in advance for completing as much of this checklist as possible. 

This quick checklist can help you prepare for picture day.

Open shades/blinds
Wash windows/glass doors
Replace burnt light bulbs
Empty wastebaskets
Hide pet dishes, toys, beds
Vacuum carpets
Sweep hard floors
Remove newspapers/mail
Pack Knick-Knacks
Remove personal photos from view

Make the bed(s)
Arrange decorative pillows
Put away clothing, shoes
Clear surfaces of clutter

Straighten dining chairs
Add centerpiece/candles

Remove art from refrigerator
Store food in cabinets
De-clutter counters/stove
Stow small appliances
Hide soaps, cleaning items
Hide dish towels/sponges
Clear sink of dishes
Put away draining racks
Organize open shelves

Clean mirrors
Hang fresh towels
Clear counters of toiletries, colognes or perfumes
Close toilet lid