Sidetracked | San Antonio

It's been a goal of mine to take on more side projects - for personal and creative growth. Real estate photography has rules... and plenty of them! (Keeping vertical lines straight up and down, pulling detail from the outside in through windows, making sure colors are accurate to depict the true elements of a home... and so forth.) Sometimes it's nice to just be creative and take pictures for the sake of memories and creativity.

"Sidetracked" is a personal goal to keep creating and playing with photography - so I hope to make it a regular feature on the blog. Just to share some of the world as I see it. Enjoy!

San Antonio, Texas - January 2017

I like to attend photo conferences once every few years. Motivational keynote speakers, classes about post-processing, marketing, photography and business are always thought-inducing ways to keep the spark alive. There is not a lot of class time or air time given to the real estate photography industry, so often the courses are relative to the wedding/sports/portrait/family portrait genres. In several ways this helps keep me on my toes because I'll try and apply a newborn lighting class to the same way one might light a detail shot in a house. 

Share #1 - THE ALAMO

I didn't want to bring a big fat tripod, but I knew I wanted to have a tripod for nighttime Alamo shots. I found a beautifully perfect travel tripod at the Expo and lugged it around ALL DAY for my nighttime pictures. Totally worth it. Daytime Alamo was okaaaay... lots of people and inside you aren't allowed to take photos. Nighttime Alamo - way less people, love the Crockett Hotel in the backdrop!! (Obviously some vertical line rules don't die easily...)

Nighttime Alamo, Garden at The Alamo, Daytime Alamo, Kickass Ranger at The Alamo