Frequently Asked Questions - Real Estate Photography

Once upon a time I covered these topics in my introductory email to new clients. After being in business for many years, the list of questions grows, and I don’t want to turn my welcome email into a novel. :) Putting these questions here in a blog post will allow you to re-visit some topics at your leisure.

What is the turnaround time for real estate photos?

24-36 hours for most homes. Shoots are usually on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday mornings, which allows for edit and delivery on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Friday evenings.

How do I pay you?

Payment can be made via an online invoice or in person. If you intend on paying in person, please bring your payment to the shoot. (I accept checks/cards/cash....)

How do I schedule photos in the South Bay of LA?

Online scheduling makes things easy for everyone. You can view my online calendar and schedule most services online here. (If you are scheduling work outside of the South Bay of Los Angeles, please connect with me - the calendar will not accommodate my travel time to other areas.)

Can I share photos with my stager/landscaper/seller/architect, etc….

I keep rates affordable for real estate agents to use for the short term usage of the photos. (This is a one-time sale, and I also include re-use permissions for you to use in your personal marketing.) You can’t give the photos to others to use for commercial marketing, but I do make photos available to those other parties with some a la carte pricing. (A contractor isn’t likely to want the whole set, anyway.) Please have them inquire directly with me for this sort of use.

HELP! I have to be places and I can’t download photos and upload them to the CRMLS…

I’m so happy to help! Because I’ve worked directly with our local MLS to comply with photo policies, I have my own login to add photos to your listing! Just add PHDANA under the office/agent tab on the back end and then once the listing is made live, I’m able to login and add photos for you at no additional charge! At the time of this post, I’m unable to add images to an unpublished listing, but this will hopefully change as I’ve requested that it be brought to the board for a vote to allow us in earlier!