Sidetracked | Vintage Stuff

File this under : Obsession | Old Things

I certainly don't expect everyone to get it. Oil lamps, milk glass, gold flakes in mirrors and an operating in-counter mixer will make many folks cringe. Oh, how I love thee. I pore over every detail. I take video and share it with my family. I open levers and doors and see how things work. I Google & eBay once home just to see if other people have found the beauty in the time capsule. I'm hopeful that these treasures don't find their way to a landfill, that a new owner will see the forever-coolness in the old thing. I also hope that in some way, I can capture the incredible time when technology just couldn't seem to get any better. In many ways, it probably didn't.

We continue to invent, discover, evolve and propel our world forward. It's my mission to always appreciate the old. (I'm looking at you, brick phone, Commodore 64 and gold cars... You're next. - I'm sure my camera is on this same list 30+ years from now. )

Keep on keepin' on, old things. You still have my heart.



(O'Keefe & Merritt Contempo Cadillac Oven/Stove - Ad Found Here...)