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Point me to The Point!

What it is:

The Point is an incredibly accessible and perfect-sized shopping center/mixed-use building we'll be seeing debut this summer. Located at the border of Manhattan Beach and El Segundo, most South Bay residents pass it at least once a week. I'm enthusiastic about the location, but thrilled about the anchor tenant list and the promises of amazing food & drink. My sources say that the first weekend for the general public to enjoy opening festivities and start enjoying this place will be the weekend of 7/31-8/2.

The Point - June 18th, 2015. Walk With Sally White Light White Night Pre-Party

About these photos: Many of my friends and clients know I volunteer a great deal of my time at Walk With Sally throughout the year. Sometimes, though - I have other plans and can't volunteer my services. And then some of those times, I am able to finish other plans early so that I can attend a Walk With Sally event and just be there without doing photos... I happened to have my camera with me, so you get to peek! (Hindsight says I wish I had a different lens and a tripod with me so that I could make these photos incredible! I'm definitely working on getting back in for some do-over shots!)