Turnaround Times: With regard to the real estate photography industry, our process is very “boutique” as all images are meticulously edited in-house. Most single family home images are delivered by the night following the next business day of shoot. Variables can include new listing volume, home size, clutter & complexity of views.

Home Preparation: Well staged and de-cluttered spaces photograph faster and are subject to less time in post processing. Along with your guidance, we provide a seller prep sheet for you to download and add your own notes.

Licensing Information for Real Estate Photography Services

Dana Thompson Photography typically grants one of two license types for images taken. The most common is the non-exclusive license. This keeps rates for real estate photography affordable, but we have been asked from time to time to photograph a body of images as “work made for hire”, or an exclusive license. The rate for this type of license is considerably more because our business relinquishes any and all rights to the photos, forever. Please inquire if you need this special type of release. Real Estate photos as priced on our site are for the one-time sale of the property and non-transferable to other agents or contractors. Stagers, contractors and builders may also license the images taken for the same listing for a small fee per photo. Ongoing listings for short and long term rentals are available are are based on the duration of the license.

An exclusive license gives the client the exclusive and only right to the use of the intellectual property – not even the photographer can use the intellectual property. Once the photographer grants an exclusive license to someone, no other licenses on that intellectual property can be granted to anyone else.

A non-exclusive license grants the client a license to use the intellectual property, but the photographer is free to also use the intellectual property and to grant licenses to whomever else it wants. Therefore, many parties can hold licenses to the same intellectual property at the same time.