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How is a real estate shoot different than shooting a bathroom remodel?

The typical real estate photo usually is a very wide angle shot of an entire room. When photographing general contracting, the focus is more on finishes and design, so an entirely different composition and lens is used. Room decor should be complimentary but sparse, in order to highlight the finishes and materials used.

Is it more expensive to shoot for my business?

Real estate photos are licensed to be used for the duration of a listing. The real estate photo is a very perishable item intended to be used once. (For the duration of the listing for sale.) Because of this, real estate photos are relatively very inexpensive.

For anyone using images long-term, the license to use the photo is based on two factors - time and reach. Will you be advertising nationwide or locally? Do you want to use the images in printed materials? In contrast, a brand like Crate & Barrel or Hilton is going to use a photo on a global scale and will pay according to that audience for a license.

A real estate photography shoot can occur in about two hours and sees about 4-6 hours in post processing. For commercial photography, 2000 square feet can take multiple hours to photograph and several more hours in retouching to ensure all details are perfect for the longer use. Ultimately, the cost is more than real estate photography, but usually far less than if you were marketing a brand like Nike.

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How do we prepare for the shoot?

For starters, you’ll send over a few cell phone images to give an idea of the space we’re photographing. As part of the consultation process, we’ll discuss staging and times also. Typically for 1-3 rooms, no on-site scouting is necessary to help prep for the shoot. Larger spaces and retail will entail a pre-shoot visit to the location so that we can create a punch list along with finding the right time of day for the best light. (Sometimes this cannot be achieved if we need to work around business hours.) Every shoot is different, so we’ll tailor this to the needs of your business and/or your client.